June 30, 2009: June Harvest Totals

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June was busting out all over with fresh produce! Here is how it all added up:

6/1 10 ounces lettuce, 1 ounce sugar snap peas, 3 ounces yellow onions
6/2 2 ounces strawberries & 9 ounces beets (trimmed weight)
6/3 6 oz. (total) onions & shallots
6/4 10 oz. lettuce, 2 oz. strawberries
6/5 20 ounces lettuce & 10 ounces snap peas
6/6 4 oz. berries & 8 oz. onions
6/7 10 oz. snap peas & 7 oz. onions
6/8 4 oz. onions
6/9 7 oz. lettuce, 14 oz. onions, 33 oz. beets, 2 oz. strawberries
6/9 4 oz. broccoli & 6 oz. carrots
6/10 26 oz. cabbage, 2 oz. basil, 9 oz. sugar snap peas, 4 oz. head of garlic, 9 oz. baby carrots, 6 oz. lettuce
6/11 2 oz. strawberries
6/13 8 oz. snap peas
6/14 14 oz. carrots, 56 oz. cabbage , 10 oz. onions, a small handful of strawberries, didn't weigh them.
6/15 42 oz. beets (trimmed weight), 20 oz. carrots (trimmed weight), 6 oz. lettuce
6/16 5 oz. sugar snap peas, 3 oz. parsley, 5 oz. broccoli
6/17 14 oz. green beans, 8 oz. sweet onions, 2 oz. strawberries, 2 raspberries (eaten, not weighed), 1 oz. chives
6/18 6 oz. green beans, 5 oz. carrots, 18 oz. cabbage, 1 raspberry (eaten)
6/19 19 oz. beets, 12 oz. onions (gave beets & 5 oz. onions to Pat), 3 oz. garlic, 3 oz. carrots, 2 oz. strawberries
6/20 42 oz. green beans (2 lb. 10 oz.), 9 oz. yellow onions
6/21 3 oz. berries (mostly strawberries, 3 raspberries), 5 oz. Chiogga beets
6/22 16 oz. of baby red potatoes, 16 oz. of carrots, 6 ounces of purple beans, 8 ounces of green beans, 29 oz. beets, 4 oz. basil, 19 oz. garlic (including stems)
6/23 25 oz. carrots (trimmed), 12 oz, green beans, 7 oz. sweet onions, 8 oz. yellow onions, 4 oz. berries (mostly raspberries), 8 oz. shallots
6/24 48 oz. beets (trimmed weight, the last of the spring beets), 3 oz. peas, 1 oz. raspberries, 6 oz. onions (trimmed), green beans for neighbor's dinner (did not weigh)
6/25 5 oz. strawberries, 1 oz. raspberries, 30 oz. green beans (23 oz. Burpee's Green Pod), 32 oz. cabbage, 8 oz. onions (trimmed weight), 12 oz. carrots (trimmed weight), 10 oz. shallots
6/26 One yellow crookneck squash, peas (forgot to weigh)
6/27 24 oz. green beans, 5 oz. mixed raspberries & strawberries, 28 ounces red potatoes, 11 oz. carrots, 9 oz. onions, 6 oz. shallots, 1 oz. herbs, 2 oz. green pepper
6/28 3 oz. broccoli, 2 oz. berries, 4 oz. peas
6/30 6 oz. berries (mostly strawberries), 24 oz. "Contender" green beans, 56 oz. Burpee's Stringless Green Pod green beans, 16 oz. Royal Burgundy beans,

Total for June: 1071 oz. = 66 pounds 15 ounces
Total for 2009: 82 pounds 7 ounces

I'd have to say the big winners for June were the beets, green beans, onions and potatoes, with lettuce, carrots and cabbage running a close second.


  1. Granny - I want to pull my beans so bad!!!!But, my wife thinks they'll produce more later...UGH!

  2. Sure.... I was feelin' pretty happy that I have almost 5 lbs so far... of course, I'm still just getting lettuce & peas. Maybe I'll start to catch up some in July :-)

  3. EG, the ones I pulled out tonight were my earliest ones, I still have two more varieties of bush beans that are just coming on strong, and now my pole beans have little beans on them. The ones I pulled out were my 50-cents worth from the dollar store! They gave me twice the beans I'm getting off of the more expensive ones from the seed catalogs! I would have left these, but they were crowding the new raspberries. I like raspberries better than beans.

  4. Great harvest total Granny! I just updated mine today too (must be the end of June huh?!). I have to start harvesting more potatoes to catch up with you!

  5. Amy, you'll catch up! Your garden will be in full production as mine is winding down.

  6. KitsapFG, your huge garden will soon surpass mine...and leave me in the dust! Unless I plant some of those 80 pound watermelons like EG ;-)

  7. All I can say is WOW! I'm in awe.

  8. Now that really is a good harvest so far, but how do you get organised enough to measure it all, I have problem enough just remembering the odd time to bring my camera along. You really are producing well, wonderful isn't it!

  9. Very impressive! I don't weigh mine, but I'm glad people do. It shows just how important a garden can be with helping on the grocery bill. Have a great day, granny!

  10. Well done Granny! Wow, your garden is earning it's keep.

  11. HA! I was thinking yesterday that EG would catch you with that watermelon.

    82 lbs is amazing, and to think, That's just one month!

  12. Wow over 80lbs already. I'm at 26 right now - well probably 27 but I don't update it until Mondays usually. I can't even keep up with half your total. But just wait until the potatoes come out. I wonder if that will bump me up a lot or they will all die a horrible death of late blight before I get anything. I'm leaving on vacation on Sunday. I'm trying to convince my friends that are taking care of the garden to weigh everything. Surely they can handle that for all the peas they can eat and my raspberries that will start coming in while I'm gone (whimper).

  13. SB, LOL!

    Heskie, I have a small kitchen scale that is always on the counter, and I FORCE myself to use it! A few times I've forgotten, and a few times something has gone to the neighbor, but weighing has become my little pet project this season.

    Sue and Hidinginmygarden, when I can see that 50-cents worth of bean seeds from the dollar store gave me nearly 10 pounds of beans....well, yes, that's quite a savings! My brassicas, however, probably cost me more to grow than they would have to buy....but they tasted better!

    Ribbit, that's in 6 months, well, actually five growing months. June's total was only 66 lb 15 oz.

    Daphne, you'll catch up. Unless my pumpkins put me way up there and the cantaloupes all reach gigantic proportions! Oh, whimper is right! I would have hated to miss the taste of my first raspberry!

  14. wow, granny! you could start your own produce stand!

  15. Kelli, I have two really full gallon bags of beans to freeze today, and that's after giving the neighbor a full pound of them! I give most of my excess to her and to my kids. None of them have a garden.

  16. that's really nice of you. i wish i were your neighbor! i can't wait to get enough to share. yesterday i picked 3 peas off my plant - that brings the total to about 11. ha! =D

  17. Kelli, I didn't have a good pea harvest either. I had to supplement mine with frozen peas just to make a meal for two of us!