June 8, 2009: Harvest to Date

I double checked my harvest total (to date) with my journal entries, and found I was over by just a few (13) ounces. The entry on my blog scale has been corrected. Here is what I have harvested so far, including the greens from the Arizona garden.

January Harvest: 0

February Harvest: 23.5 ounces = 1 pound 7.5 ounces

2/3 2.5 oz. lettuce
2/10 3 oz. (total) lettuce and spinach
2/16 5 oz. (total) lettuce, spinach and green onions
2/17 5 oz. (total) lettuce, spinach
2/25 6 oz. (total) lettuce and spinach and one (2 ounce) cucumber

March Harvest: 0

April Harvest: 8 ounces

4/28 6 ounces lettuce
4/30 2 ounces radishes

May Harvest: 216.5 ounces = 13 pounds 8.5 ounces

5/1 2 ounces garlic.
5/2 1 oz. sweet onion
5/3 3 oz. radishes
5/4 3 oz. radishes
5/5 13 ounces of spinach, 3 ounces lettuce, 2 oz green onions and 2 oz radishes
5/7 3 oz. (total) onions and radishes
5/11 8 oz. spinach, 5 oz. lettuce and 2 oz. onions
5/13 2 oz. garlic
5/15 10 oz. spinach, 6 oz. lettuce and 2 oz. green onions
5/19 5 oz. green onions, 14 oz. spinach, 9 oz. lettuce
5/20 6 oz. yellow onions
5/21 4 oz. green onions
5/23 7.5 oz. lettuce
5/25 2 oz. sweet onions, 26 oz. spinach
5/26 6 oz. (total) shallots, dill & chives
5/28 10 oz. lettuce, 6 oz. yellow onions and 3 oz. (total) basil & carrots
5/29 12 oz. lettuce, 2 oz. sweet green onions & 3 oz. strawberries
5/30 10 oz. mixed greens (lettuce & spinach) & onions
5/31 14 ounces spinach and 10 ounces sweet green onions

June Harvest: 106 ounces = 6 pounds 10 ounces

6/1 10 ounces lettuce, 1 ounce sugar snap peas, 3 ounces yellow onions
6/2 2 ounces strawberries & 9 ounces beets (trimmed weight)
6/3 6 oz. (total) onions & shallots
6/4 10 oz. lettuce, 2 oz. strawberries
6/5 20 ounces lettuce & 10 ounces snap peas
6/6 4 oz. strawberries & 8 oz. onions
6/7 10 oz. snap peas & 7 oz. onions
6/8 4 oz. onions

Now......if I have added and calculated this correctly, I have harvested a total of 22 pounds 2 ounces through today. I could have picked the leaves from the spinach that bolted today, and that would have added to the total. However, we decided to put them all on the compost pile, so I'm not counting their weight.

Those snap peas (6/7) were delicious in a shrimp stir fry! The others (6/5) were given to the boys to take home, along with big bags of lettuce and onions, for their salads.


  1. Wow Annie! That's a bountiful harvest!

    How many square feet do you have in your SFG?

  2. Good question, Toni. It's rather hard to figure out with the barrels and pots and round unenclosed hills and such, but a month or so ago Dan (Dan's Urban Veggie Garden) asked that question and I estimated it at 394 sf. Since then I've added 5 five-gallon buckets of tomatoes, several pots of cucumbers and peppers..so I'd say maybe 400 sf or more. I don't actually call mine a SFG. It's more like a raised bed intensive kinda SF garden! No Mel's Mix, no grids, some SFG spacing, some rows, a mish-mash of gardening methods.

  3. Impressive harvest. I'm at 12.8lbs (not counting today's). I'm going to be behind you in totals all year long, but I'm still happy with my totals.

    My style of garden is like yours. Raised bed intensive gardens. I don't do grids. I don't import my soil. It is raised because the dirt from the paths were shoveled onto the beds and tons of compost have gone into it over the years. Whatever planting technique grabs me this year I do. I've never been very good about following other people's formulas. I like to experiment too much.

  4. That's a good harvest, Granny! Some squash would be nice though....hee hee. Ok, I'm just poking fun. Your garden is twice the size of mine....how am I supposed to contend with that?

  5. I use a hybrid system too Granny - yeilds good results - if mine (and your!) harvests results are anything to judge by. I am keeping a tally of harvest results this year too. Never bothered to keep track of the cumulative amounts before so this will be interesting to see how the year all adds up. You can see my harvest tally at my web site - at this page:


    You are getting very good production out of approximately 400 square feet - good work!

  6. Daphne, that's me all over. I never stick to my garden plans, either. I make plans and change them until I think everything is perfect, then I throw caution to the wind and just plant where I feel like planting on that particular day!

  7. EG...by growing 80 pound melons?

    You'll overtake me in yield because I plant so many light weight greens and use so many of my veggies when they are rather immature. Plus, you have all those fruit trees and berries.

  8. KitsapFG, I've visited your website (from Sinfonian's blog) and didn't realize it was yours! I bow to you...you are truly an expert gardener, and I marvel that you can keep such a large garden, run a household and hold down a full time job.

  9. Granny - actually....i'm not gonna include the weight of the melons into the total, because they aren't sold by weight. However, I probably will create a tally just for them by themselves. There. Pretty fair, ain't it? Ha! Speaking of berries....pretty soon, i'll be sending a little jar of blackberry jam to ya! Get ready, hee hee.....

  10. Oh, do include the melons. Around here they are sold by weight, and they are going for about 29 cents a pound or more!

    Blackberry jam, yummmmm. Little Talking Box needs to go back your way, but not with my berries in it...there aren't enough to make jam with this year! You might have to learn to like that hot pepper jelly ;-)

  11. How nice to get all that produce from your garden. I just hope I'm able to get a tomato or two from mine.

  12. Oh....i'll send another talking box....and it might have a friend. ha!

  13. Susie, I'm really looking forward to the tomatoes, too. Tomatoes and carrots are my favorite garden veggies.

  14. Awww, EG....then I'd have twins ;-)

  15. Your onions look great! I'm having a better time growing garlic, but I use onions all the time. How did you start them? From seed or sets? Also, when did you start them?

  16. Kalena Michele, I started the onions from sets on March 18. Just the cheap kind you find in a bag at Wal*Mart. I planted plain old yellow onions and sweet onions, but I haven't been very happy with the sweets. Next year I'll plant Walla Walla sweet onion plants, rather then the sets. They have always performed well here.